Our Mission

Burn Fitness Studio was created to give a space to those who want to workout in an inclusive community environment. No matter what age, race, gender, or physical ability, our job is to make you feel good while helping you reach your fitness goals. Working out should be fun and stress relieving, not confusing and overwhelming! Our small group classes allow our instructors to give you personalized feedback and encouragement to give you the empowerment you need to push yourself. You don't need fancy equipment or expensive training to give you the results you want. Burn Fitness Studio is committed to provide you with everything you need for a balanced and impactful workout. Instead of running by yourself on a treadmill,  you can dance to the latest Latin, Hip Hop, and Pop hits from all over the world in our Zumba classes. Don't know if you're doing that push up right? Try Strong Nation to perfect your form without having to pay extra for a personal trainer. Want to recover your muscles from your workout while increasing flexibility? Our Vinyasa yoga instructors work in small enough groups where they can individually assess your body's specific needs.

Everything you need to better yourself is right here at Burn Fitness Studio!